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So this is us at 5 am!!


There is not much I won't do to convince you of 1 thing.


This season buy all you can from people.  That 1 purchase changes things.   You have the power to 


Imagine yourself being able to give a gift and tell a story about the person that you bought it from.  Maybe how it is a secret family recipe, maybe how they created the gift, or maybe what was used to make the product.  


You can spark an amazing chain reaction this season.  The person that receives your gift might love how special that gift is and become an intentional gifter too!


We can collectively change the local economy in this one weekend.  Then we can change the world one fair at a time!  Then one month at a time.  Just think about what can happen when everyone purchases more items made in the USA!  

Your decision on how you purchase items this holiday will make a difference.   Do what you can.  


​​​BTW I am the type that sings Holiday music all year long!


COE-Chief Operating Elf,

Kim Kelley


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